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What a lovely and brave post. And you are most certainly not alone. Many people struggle with anxiety, myself included. And my anxiety is not something that is just a phase, it is something that will always be with me, but fortunately I have developed many coping skills and have accepted that it is a feeling that will come and go for me. And that it is okay. But as of late, I too have lost some of my faith in the universe and that is a newer struggle for me. One that I am not quite sure what to do about.

But yes, shooting instant film definitely helps. :)

Take care, my dear. xo


Is your anxiety related to Keats breaking the camera on the computer and you miss chatting with me? ;)

Hugs to you. Know I'm only a phone call away of you want to discuss the universe.


Thank you so much Juli. I appreciate you reading and sharing. xx

Kim, I think its obvious that is the root of it all ;) Thank you. I always love your views on the universe!

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