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This could have so easily have happened to me. It's why we rarely leave our house. :)

Sorry this happened to you. You know the evil woman was just projecting her own insecurities and it has nothing to do with you extending invitations or crossing a county line...or whatever, right? Some people just need to "steal power" as a way to feel important and worthy. Sadly, they aren't. :)

Did this happen today? Has Gray had his party yet?
I hope all goes well on the big day. :) xoxo

Not Just A Mommy!

Came across your super cute dinosaur party on Pinterest and of course, had to follow to this post. And all I have to say is yikes and crikes! I would love to say it gets easier as they get older, mine are 7 and 10 so we've run the gamut of party etiquette issues. It looks like he had a fabulous party, and in the end, that's all that matters.


not just a mommy: Thanks for your comment! The party was fun and in the end all that didn't matter a bit ;)

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