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I taught yoga for seven years before Isaac was born but stopped two years ago because I wanted to be home every hour of every day. :) It was a good move for me but I still wonder what I could do to contribute to our family.

As you know, we are unschooling so Isaac won't be in school, meaning I don't have to find a "job." Still, I'd like to do something creative. I figure when the time is right I'll find something to do that involves my photography and my garden and my preserving and body-care products. I know I could never work for anyone else again. No way. I need to remain free and flexible and answer to no one but me. :)

As for mid-life crisis...I've got 3 tattoos (none of which I regret, thankfully and spread out over 20 years) but still want more. I think it's sort of addictive. :)

Hoping everything works out for you. xo


Debbie- thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about doing something creative and I also have a hard time working for someone else ;) I was a montessori teacher but would only return to that life under duress. And those tattoos can be addictive...

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