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These are gorgeous photos, Sarah. Makes my heart ache for a sibling for Isaac...but it's not in our cards and I'm so okay with that. :)

I'm in the camp of "don't talk to sibling." My brother is two years younger and we have always had this weird relationship. We've never really gotten on. We don't fight (so much anymore) but as kids we just tolerated each other. I suppose there were times where I loved him to death and there were times where I absolutley stood up for him, defended him...even when he didn't deserve it. But our lives are different. Our interests are different. The way we raise our kids and exist in this world are so incredibly different. And this has always been the case. I'm the black sheep. :)

Today, my brother lives a five minute drive from my house and I haven't seen him since last August (other than the time he stopped the car out front of our house in December and his wife ran to the door to drop off Isaac's Christmas present). It makes me sad. Isaac has two cousins whom he loves...but will never really know.

I'm so envious of siblings who have strong close bonds. I hope for your boys that they have that too. And if it is modeled for them I suppose the chances are better. My parents were never close with their siblings either.

In the meantime, for Isaac, I will make sure he is surrounded by people that love him and whom he loves in return. People who have his back and will be there when he needs them. Sometimes, we just have to create our own family.

Sorry for the rant. Glad to see you writing again. xo


Thanks for the comment Debbie. I can't imagine having a sibling five minutes away and not seeing or speaking to them often. My sisters and I joke that we should all just move to the same street or a large multi-family house. Of course we would fight like cats and dogs if we did that ;) You have created a wonderful "family" for Issac and I think it must be nice not to have to share your attention! He is wonderfully lucky.

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