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I'm so sorry you've been having a f'ing bad day...but I couldn't help but laugh. Boys will get you every time - cherub faced or not - they are boys and they are destructive.

Yesterday Isaac took to throughing in the garbage a bunch of his cars...why? I don't know - it's like he didn't care. And then when I told him he couldn't have them back...melt down. Too bad, kid.

Maybe Gray is going through a growth spurt. Kids often are "off" when this is happening. I know you don't likely need this advice - but if you can disengage as much as possible it will be easier to deal with. Don't feed the fire. HA - I know. It's practically impossible.

Sending you lots of love for a relataively sane remainder of the week.



I have to agree with Debbie that boys are destructive, crazy destructive. Physical, throwing, stomping, jumping, running, dirt flying crazy. Most toys don't last a few weeks in our house, my garden has holes all over it, and I never have a clean floor. Now I know I've had days like you just had, but I think my brain has chosen to forget them. I am sure the craziness will pass with time and that we will end up with loving doting sons that compare every woman they meet to us. That's what keeps me going man!


Thanks ladies. It helps to hear that other people have experienced this "boy behavior". I expect them to be little fire balls of energy with a healthy dose of mischief. But some days you can't help but think what is wrong with you?!
Annie, I also imagine a time when things settle down a bit at least a time with fewer flying cups and sandwiches. A time when they become loving, sensitive sons who say things like : I don't know mum she's just not you.
And they mean in it a good way;)

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