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Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about the possible c-section. I too had a natural and VERY difficult first birth. We were supposed to have a home birth but because of a very rare condition I had to be induced two weeks early and deliver in the hospital. It was absolutely devestating. I feel your pain.
My question is, why do "they" think he is too big for you to deliver? Our bodies know what they are doing and will not "grow" a baby too big for our bodies. And seven pounds is hardly big. I am fairly tiny and Isaac was 7lbs 11 oz AND two weeks early. No problems (well, except that they induced me...but that's another story.)
I don't mean to put my beliefs onto you - I just get so angry when I hear western doctors telling mamas their bodies can't deliver a baby. (If said baby was 12 lbs, then that would be one thing.) And it is apparent that you are very upset and a little scared. Any other options? Can you refuse it? (If you are in fact against it?)
If you need anything...even just to vent...you know where to find me. :)
Thinking of you.


Thanks so much Debbie. I am exploring all options and waiting to make a final decision. I have always believed in our bodies ability to go through the labor process. It is a difficult decision for me. I am against c-sections in most cases. But the reality is it could just be too dangerous for the baby (and me). I just posted Grays birth story which goes away to explaining. What if I push for a traditional birth and he has shoulder dystocia too. I would feel beyond words. But then there is always the chance the delivery could go smoothly. These are the questions I am asking myself and weighing against each other. Thank you for the support and the ear. I appreciate it.- Sarah

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