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How interesting! I know exactly what you mean about this new realm of life. It is like starting over again in the friend game, unless all your previous friends had babies at the same time you did. Regardless, I find it hard to find a good fit of moms and kids. Adding kids to the mix is a whole new can o' worms.



I am one of those people that was the first of my friends to marry and have kids and I wasn't that young when it happened either. Needless to say those life changes were hard on most friendships (especially with the unattached over 30 girls). It is like staring all over! Thanks for stopping by Annie!


I just came across you blog - it's really lovely.
I laughed out loud at parts of your post. Isn't it so true? I mean, I thought becoming a mum would put me in a position to connect with lots of other mums. Um...so...where are they? I guess they are there, but they aren't people I want to spend my limited time with. I'm lucky to have a few mums in my life that I also consider friends. But I think, in all honesty, it's because we have kids. Luckily though, despite the kids, we get along.
I could also relate to your comment above. We were the first to have a baby in our group of friends too and, well, we don't hang out with those friends anymore. They didn't get it. Not to mention that we parent in a completely different way than anyone else they knew. They accused us of "losing ourselves in our child." Woo...don't get me started. :) Nice to have found you. I look forward to reading more. -Debbie

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